Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crafting: how does it work?

Crafting is an in-game system allowing players to create specific items, such as a weapon, hat or materials for further crafting, using unwanted or duplicate items gained normally via the Item drop system. To create these items, the player must follow explicit blueprints, some of which are initially available and others of which must be discovered by the player by experimentation. After following a valid, undiscovered blueprint recipe, the player will both gain the item specified by the blueprint, and the blueprint will be added to the player's list of known blueprints. If the player attempts to craft an item without a corresponding blueprint, they will be notified that no such recipe exists, and no items will be lost. 

Blueprint             Requires              Produces
Smelt Primary Weapons †            2 Identical primary weapons
Eg. Force-A-Nature + Force-A-Nature    1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Secondary Weapons †      2 Identical secondary weapons
Eg. Flare gun + Flare gun               1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Melee Weapons †              2 Identical melee weapons
Eg. Übersaw + Übersaw                1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Class Weapons     Any 2 weapons wielded by the same class
Eg. Ambassador + Dead Ringer (Spy Weapons) 1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Tokens     3 Tokens
Eg. Heavy Token + Demoman Token + Melee Token       1 Reclaimed Metal
Combine Scrap Metal     3 Scrap Metal     1 Reclaimed Metal
Combine Reclaimed Metal           3 Reclaimed Metal           1 Refined Metal
Smelt Refined metal       1 Refined Metal                3 Reclaimed metal
Smelt Reclaimed metal 1 Reclaimed Metal           3 Scrap metal

    † The Smelt Class Weapons blueprint was originally one Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapon of each class, but was then altered to allow any 3 (now 2) weapons from the same class, to accommodate the Engineer, Demoman, Spy, and at the time this change was made, the Sniper. This has made the blueprints marked with a dagger superfluous.

Blueprint             Requires              Produces
Fabricate Class Token     3 weapons from one class
Eg. Natascha + Sandvich + Sandvich (Heavy weapons)    1 Class Token
Eg. 1 Heavy Token
Fabricate Slot Token       3 weapons from one slot
Eg. Blutsauger + Huntsman + Direct hit   1 Slot Token
Eg. 1 Primary Token
Rebuild Class Token        Any one Class Token and another class's weapon
Eg. Sniper Token + Buff Banner                 1 Class Token
Eg. 1 Soldier Token
Rebuild Slot Token          Any one Slot Token and another slot weapon
Eg. Secondary Token + Axtinguisher        1 Slot Token
Eg. 1 Melee Token

    Note: If one provides 3 identical weapons, one is given the option of creating a Class Token or a Slot Token, but not both.
    Additionally, if one provides a Pain train with a Class Token, or 3 Pain trains and chooses to create a Class Token, this will always result in a Soldier Token, never a Demoman Token.

Blueprint             Requires              Produces
Fabricate Headgear         3 Refined Metal                1 Random Headgear
Fabricate Class Headgear              4 Refined Metal + 1 Class Token                1 Class Headgear
Rebuild Headgear            2 Headgear         1 Random Headgear
Fabricate Bonk helm†    1 Batter's helmet + 2 Bonk! Atomic Punch            1 Bonk helm

    Note: As of March 19th, 2010, both hats and miscellaneous items are considered headgear.
    † The Batter's helmet's level is not retained when crafted into a Bonk helm. The level will be randomized.

Blueprint             Requires              Produces
Fabricate Class Weapons              1 Class Token + 1 Slot Token + 1 Scrap Metal
Eg. Medic Token + Secondary Token + Scrap Metal          1 Class Specific Weapon
Eg. Kritzkrieg
Fabricate Crit-a-Cola       1 Kritzkrieg + 1 Bonk! Atomic Punch         1 Crit-a-Cola
Fabricate Dalokohs bar 1 Sandvich + 1 Bonk! Atomic Punch          1 Dalokohs bar
Fabricate Gunboats        1 Chargin' Targe + 1 Razorback   1 Gunboats
Fabricate Homewrecker               1 Eyelander + 1 Equalizer              1 Homewrecker
Fabricate Pain train         1 Sandman + 1 Scrap Metal          1 Pain train
Fabricate Scotsman's skullcutter               1 Axtinguisher + 1 Jarate               1 Scotsman's skullcutter
Fabricate Southern Hospitality   1 Ambassador + 1 Scrap Metal   1 Southern Hospitality
Fabricate Tribalman's shiv            1 Huntsman + 1 Dead Ringer       1 Tribalman's shiv
Cost summary table
Item      Total crafting cost            Smelt value
Scrap Metal        2 weapons          2 weapons
Class or Slot Token          3 weapons          2 weapons
Reclaimed Metal              6 weapons = 3 Scrap Metal or
9 weapons = 3 Tokens   6 weapons
Class-specific Weapon   8 weapons = 1 Scrap Metal + 1 Class Token + 1 Slot Token             1 weapon
Refined Metal   18 weapons = 9 Scrap Metal = 3 Reclaimed Metal              18 weapons
Random Headgear          2 headgear or
54 weapons = 27 Scrap Metal = 9 Reclaimed Metal = 3 Refined Metal      27 weapons
Class-specific Headgear                 75 weapons = (36 Scrap metal = 12 Reclaimed Metal = 4 Refined Metal) + 3 weapons (1 Class Token)       27 weapons

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